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02/20/2014: SCOPE NYC 2014


SCOPE NYC is one of several worldwide contemporary art fairs that focuses on providing an international, innovative, and dynamic platform for contemporary art.The fair is held annually in New York, Miami and Basel. This years SCOPE NYC event takes place March 6th - March 9th and Natalie Kates, of Style Curator Inc will be showcasing the works of Swoon, Skullphone, Jayson Keeling and myself. It is an immense honor to be included with these other artists, not only at the Natalie Kates Projects Booth, but also the entire event.


For a full list of booths visit:




02/01/2014: Studio Visit and Interview


Natalie Kates, of Style Curator Inc, is conducting an ongoing project called Studio Visits. It is a series of artists' interviews combined with photographic explorations of their working space, capturing not only art works, but also materials, tools and personal objects that inspire their creative process. On a recent trip to Chicago, she met with my good friends and artists Steve Seeley (, Zach Schrey ( as well as myself. To see photos of my studio as well as a 10 minute video interview, please visit and select my name:




01/01/2014: New works available at Natalie Kates Projects


Natalie Kates, of Style Curator Inc, started an online gallery that promotes and sells the work of emerging and established artists. I am honored to be one of the artists and to look at the available works, please visit:



New currency collage finished - 03/01/2013


Debt Remains is now completed! The third of 5 components that form the polyptych Signs of the Times. Up next, Crumbling Baseline.



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